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Summary: M. Night Shyamalan dines in a restaurant, and envisions all sorts of odd things.



As Shyamalan looks around the café, sipping from his glass, he sees the other patrons as if they were in one of his movies. The bizarre situations include:

  • A couple that look alike look up at the waitress after being huddled together.
  • Another couple sit silently while a baby carriage rolls up to their table. An argument can be heard, presumably one they had earlier about having a baby.
  • A melting man grabs his collar. When he scratches his face the sound is like sand being poured.
  • A verbally abusive man starts choking when his silent wife wills it.
  • A waitress drops a tray of glasses, while a large group of people turns to look. Then several of the people fade away.
  • Another woman is talking, then all of a sudden lashes out her tongue like a lizard to capture a fly.
  • Some hooded men, dressed somewhat like monks, sit at another table. The hood falls off the center guy to reveal his bald head, and when covering his head, tattoos on his arm are shown.

Then Shyamalan's waitress approaches his table, and starts complimenting him on his movies, including "The Sixth Sense" and "The Village."

As a voice-over Shyamalan says "My life is about finding time to dream. That's why my card is American Express." Then as if everything preceding this point was a dream, Shyamalan walks in the door of the café and gets seated.

Music by Paul Cantalone.

Premiered on March 5 during the 2006 Academy Awards.




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