Song: Sweet Home Alabama

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Album: Second Helping

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd

tv commercials and cinema ads

KFC - A Man's Chicken KFC - A Man's Chicken (2007)
Summary: Men at a picnic talk about KFC Extra Crispy Chicken.

Chevy Impala SS - Infield Chevy Impala SS - Infield (2007)
Summary: A bunch of Chevy cars hang out on the infield of a race track.

Chevy Impala SS - Switcheroo Chevy Impala SS - Switcheroo (2007)
Summary: A race car going slow and an Impala zooming past a cruise spot.

KFC - Side Hog KFC - Side Hog (2006)
Summary: At the dinner table, a girl complains that her brother is hogging the mashed potatoes.

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