Song: All Around the World

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Album: Be Here Now

Artist: Oasis

tv commercials and cinema ads

AT&T - Family Rollover Minutes AT&T - Family Rollover Minutes (2007)
Summary: A mother reprimands her son for throwing away rollover minutes.

AT&T - Roger Clemens AT&T - Roger Clemens (2007)
Summary: Roger Clemens is at a golf course and talks to his wife on his mobile phone, but a dropped call causes a miscommunication.

AT&T - Max - Around the Globe AT&T - Max - Around the Globe (2007)
Summary: The world according to Max, plus an explanation of how AT&T provides global network solutions.

AT&T - Cingular - Fields AT&T - Cingular - Fields (c. 2007)
Summary: A group of combine harvesters make the Cingular and AT&T logos in a wheat field.

AT&T - Blackberry Curve AT&T - Blackberry Curve (2007)
Summary: Close up shots of the Blackberry Curve rotating.

AT&T - Concert - Wireless AT&T - Concert - Wireless (2007)
Summary: As a band performs, the word "wireless" pops up above people's heads.

AT&T - Cingular - Jets AT&T - Cingular - Jets (2007)
Summary: Jets fly around to form the Cingular raising bars, then form the AT&T logo.

AT&T - Racing Cars AT&T - Racing Cars (2007)
Summary: At a race track several cars race in line, then one of them skids out to reveal the AT&T logo.

AT&T - Cingular - 2 Day Rule AT&T - Cingular - 2 Day Rule (2007)
Summary: A guy calls up a girl he had a connection with the night before, but a dropped call ruins the conversation.

AT&T - Cingular - Text Speak AT&T - Cingular - Text Speak (2007)
Summary: A mother and daughter have a conversation, the daughter talking in cell phone text speak.

AT&T - Napster - Songs About - Ver. 2 AT&T - Napster - Songs About - Ver. 2 (2007)
Summary: Songs about working, about quitting, written about bars, written behind bars, by divas, by Devo.

AT&T - Band Posters AT&T - Band Posters (2007)
Summary: As a woman walks down the street images from band posters come to life as animation

AT&T - Cingular - Manager AT&T - Cingular - Manager (2007)
Summary: A woman had impressed her boss in a meeting, so she jokes he should promote her to manager.

AT&T - Unity Plan AT&T - Unity Plan (2007)
Summary: Cingular is now the new AT&T. People in a long line all around the U.S. are talking on phones.

AT&T - Alan AT&T - Alan (2006)
Summary: The world according to Alan

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