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Credits for: Human

  • Music/Sound Design
    • Newport Beach Film Festival - Muse (commercial)
      Newport Beach Film Festival - Muse (2012) ... Original Music

      Summary: A woman dances on a busy highway.
    • UPS - Premise Setter - We [Heart] Logistics (commercial)
      UPS - Premise Setter - We [Heart] Logistics (2010) ... Music

      Summary: The logistics of UPS around the world, with a heart theme. U.S. Version.
    • PETA - Veggie Love (commercial)
      PETA - Veggie Love (2009) ... Music

      Summary: Women provocatively caress vegetables.
    • Sprint - Anthem - Now Network (commercial)
      Sprint - Anthem - Now Network (2009) ... Music/Sound Design

      Summary: Statistics about what's going on now on the Sprint network.
    • Toyota - Prius - Harmony (commercial)
      Toyota - Prius - Harmony (2009) ... Sound Design

      Summary: A surreal drive through the countryside, where the scenery consists of people in costumes.
    • Keep California Beautiful - Beach Party (commercial)
      Keep California Beautiful - Beach Party (2009) ... Music

      Summary: In a mock beach party musical number, people sing about trashing the beach.
    • Xbox 360 - Halo 3: ODST - The Life (commercial)
      Xbox 360 - Halo 3: ODST - The Life (2009) ... Music

      Summary: The life of an ODST soldier.
    • ULifeLine - Jumper (commercial)
      ULifeLine - Jumper (2009) ... Score/sound design

      Summary: A guy stands on a diving board as the voice-over asks if you could tell if a friend is suicidal.
    • Nike - The Getaway (commercial)
      Nike - The Getaway (2009) ... Music Company

      Summary: A bank robbery getaway is more than it seems.
    • Walmart - Anthem Christmas Wish (commercial)
      Walmart - Anthem Christmas Wish (2009) ... Music

      Summary: A Christmas wish from a little boy to his father, who is stationed overseas.
    • JCPenney - Follow The Arrow (commercial)
      JCPenney - Follow The Arrow (2009) ... Music

      Summary: A boy walks through a Christmas party to find a girl.
    • Sprint - The Monsters of Nascar (commercial)
      Sprint - The Monsters of Nascar (2008) ... Music

      Summary: Nascar cars are shown animated as monsters in Sprint's neon light style
    • Huggies - Big Baby (commercial)
      Huggies - Big Baby (2008) ... Music/Sound Design

      Summary: Office workers begin to act like babies
    • Comcast - Alien PFL (commercial)
      Comcast - Alien PFL (2008) ... Final Music

      Summary: A guy builds a time machine to check his Comcast bill in the future.
    • Starbucks Chocolate (commercial)
      Starbucks Chocolate (2008) ... Music

      Summary: Chalkboard animation of chocolates and coffee
    • Pantene Pro-V - Shine (commercial)
      Pantene Pro-V - Shine (2008)

      Summary: A woman and her daughter play with their hair
    • Levi's - Onion Peel (commercial)
      Levi's - Onion Peel (2008) ... Music

      Summary: A scene of a fashion model plays backwards to the point where she's with her boyfriend.
    • American Express - Tina (commercial)
      American Express - Tina (2007)

      Summary: Tina Fey has to solve everybody's problems, but American Express takes care of a fraudulent charge for her.
    • Hyundai - Commitment (commercial)
      Hyundai - Commitment (2007) ... Music

      Summary: A man drives down a dark road as a voice-over talks about commitment.
    • Sprite - Liquid Freedom (commercial)
      Sprite - Liquid Freedom (2005) ... Music

      Summary: Basketball players jump into the court as if it were a swimming pool.
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