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Credits for: Mighty Film Co.

  • Production Company
    • Porsche - Versatile (commercial)
      Porsche - Versatile (2011) ... Prod Company

      Summary: Beyond the usual perception of Porsche as a luxury sports car, some other uses for the vehicles.
    • First National Bank - Heartbeat (commercial)
      First National Bank - Heartbeat (2011) ... Production Co

      Summary: Scenes from Omaha, to show the roots of First National Bank.
    • Hyundai Equus - Valet Parking (commercial)
      Hyundai Equus - Valet Parking (2011) ... Prod Co

      Summary: A couple drives to an event at the Guggenheim Museum, but instead of using the valet, they park in a free spot.
    • Hyundai Genesis R-Spec - Faster Acting (commercial)
      Hyundai Genesis R-Spec - Faster Acting (2011) ... Prod Co

      Summary: The Hyundai Genesis R-Spec speeds through a test track, and is compared to a Porsche Panamera S.
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