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Credits for: Biscuit Filmworks

  • Producer
    • AT&T - Hansel & Gretel (commercial)
      AT&T - Hansel & Gretel (2009) ... Production

      Summary: The title characters from the fairytale walk in a city, leaving breadcrumbs.
  • Production Company
    • Newport Beach Film Festival - Boy Meets Girl (branding)
      Newport Beach Film Festival - Boy Meets Girl (2011) ... Prod. Co.

      Summary: A director steps through his thought process in crafting his film.
    • Illinois Lottery - Marbles (commercial)
      Illinois Lottery - Marbles (2011) ... Production House

      Summary: 7.6 million prizes are visualized as 7.6 million marbles that are set loose on Chicaco.
    • Illinois Lottery - Parade (commercial)
      Illinois Lottery - Parade (2011) ... Production House

      Summary: The Illinois Lottery Cash Spectacular instant game has 25 million dollar prizes - represented by 25 people in a parade.
    • DirecTV - Frozen in Place (commercial)
      DirecTV - Frozen in Place (2011) ... Prod Co

      Summary: A man watches DirecTV in different rooms, symbolized by a frozen environment in his home.
    • AT&T - Paper Dolls (commercial)
      AT&T - Paper Dolls (2010) ... Prod Co

      Summary: An orange paper cutout is on a business trip, but with AT&T he can stay in contact with his family back home.
    • Nike+ - Men Vs Women (commercial)
      Nike+ - Men Vs Women (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: Men and women run to compete in the Nike Men Vs. Women challenge.
    • Diet Mountain Dew - Lincoln (commercial)
      Diet Mountain Dew - Lincoln (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: President Lincoln turns a debate into a wrestling match.
    • Volkswagen - Dog (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Dog (c. 2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: A dog sings along to "I'm a Man" while in the VW, but quiets down out in public.
    • Comcast - Alien PFL (commercial)
      Comcast - Alien PFL (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: A guy builds a time machine to check his Comcast bill in the future.
    • Quiznos - Dimes (commercial)
      Quiznos - Dimes (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: A man eats $5 worth of dimes.
    • AMP Energy - Walk Of No Shame (commercial)
      AMP Energy - Walk Of No Shame (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: People wake up and sing a song about not being ashamed of their one night stands.
    • Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (commercial)
      Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: Comcast compares the speed of their internet services to a rabbit
    • Extended Stay Hotels - So Relaxed (commercial)
      Extended Stay Hotels - So Relaxed (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: People are so relaxed at the hotel, they pass gas without restraint.
    • Timberland - Earthkeepers - Friend (commercial)
      Timberland - Earthkeepers - Friend (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: Nature isn't kind to a guy that wears hiking boots that aren't Timberland Earthkeepers.
    • Farmers - Stolen Car (commercial)
      Farmers - Stolen Car (2007)

      Summary: A man finds his car has been stolen and envisions all sorts of frightening effects.
    • Hyundai - Commitment (commercial)
      Hyundai - Commitment (2007)

      Summary: A man drives down a dark road as a voice-over talks about commitment.
    • NBA - Remember (commercial)
      NBA - Remember (2007)

      Summary: Celtics fans pay attention to the Garnett signing press release
    • NBA - Navigation (commercial)
      NBA - Navigation (2007)

      Summary: Steve Nash's life is narrated by a GPS device
    • eBay - Belief (commercial)
      eBay - Belief (c. 2005)

      Summary: Folks are shown doing good things, demonstrating that people are generally good.
    • eBay - Clocks (commercial)
      eBay - Clocks (c. 2005)

      Summary: A crowd of thousands hold their clocks in front of a man who's looking to add to his collection.
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