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IMDb: Betsy Beale

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  • Producer
    • Visa - United Divided (commercial)
      Visa - United Divided (2010) ... EP

      Summary: Footage of football (soccer) fans from around the world.
    • Rango - Trailer (movie trailer)
      Rango - Trailer (2010) ... EP

      Summary: Scenes from the animated movie Rango.
    • Mountain Dew White Out - Here's to the Loud (commercial)
      Mountain Dew White Out - Here's to the Loud (2010) ... EP

      Summary: Mountain Dew fans cheer on the new flavor choice of White Out.
    • Quiksilver - Evolution - Kelly Slater (commercial)
      Quiksilver - Evolution - Kelly Slater (2010) ... EP

      Summary: A montage of surfing champion Kelly Slater, in celebration of his 10th ASP World Title.
    • Dell - Inspiron One (commercial)
      Dell - Inspiron One (2010) ... EP

      Summary: You can tell it's Dell - Fast paced examples of people using the touch screen on the Dell Inspiron One.
    • Dell - Inspiron R (commercial)
      Dell - Inspiron R (2010) ... EP

      Summary: You can tell it's Dell - A voice-over describes the Dell Inspiron 15R as people's faces shift with images of the computer.
    • Emerald Mixed Nuts - Kitchen (commercial)
      Emerald Mixed Nuts - Kitchen (2008) ... Executive Producer (Editorial)

      Summary: The Swiss Family Robinson bothers a tired man
    • Emerald Mixed Nuts - Golf (commercial)
      Emerald Mixed Nuts - Golf (2008) ... Executive Producer (Editorial)

      Summary: The girls from the "Addicted To Love" video try to makeover a sleeping man.
    • Nike - Tearaway (commercial)
      Nike - Tearaway (2007) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: The PR manager for the US women's soccer team gives some questionable celebration advice
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