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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Sam Baerwald

  • Producer
    • Zune - Laika (commercial)
      Zune - Laika (2008) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: The untold adventures of the first dog into space.
    • Discovery Channel - I Love the World (commercial)
      Discovery Channel - I Love the World (2008) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: People sing about how they love the world.
    • Microsoft - Zune - Meltdown (commercial)
      Microsoft - Zune - Meltdown (2007)

      Summary: Two cobras clash and then share an ice cream cone.
    • Zune - Masks (commercial)
      Zune - Masks (2007) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: Animated solidiers make peace after seeing the world from each other's perspective
    • Zune - Intergalactic Swap Meet (commercial)
      Zune - Intergalactic Swap Meet (2007) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: A creature swaps items with other planets by tossing a filled jar across space
    • Zune - Cookies (commercial)
      Zune - Cookies (2006) ... Producer

      Summary: A girl is able to share her cookie without ever losing any of it.
  • Other
    • Nike+ - Men Vs Women (commercial)
      Nike+ - Men Vs Women (2009) ... Director of Film Production

      Summary: Men and women run to compete in the Nike Men Vs. Women challenge.
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