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Credits for: Cindy Becker

  • Producer
    • Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (commercial)
      Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (2009) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: Seth MacFarlane explains Hulu's evil plan, while showing off the voices of Family Guy.
    • Microsoft - Shoe Circus (commercial)
      Microsoft - Shoe Circus (2008) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: Jerry Seinfeld sees Bill Gates in a shoe store.
    • Microsoft - New Family (commercial)
      Microsoft - New Family (2008) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates live with a family to connect with real people.
    • Snickers - Intro (commercial)
      Snickers - Intro (2007) ... Line Producer

      Summary: A collection of people from different historical times go on a road trip.
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