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IMDb: Michael McQuhae

Credits for: Michael McQuhae

  • Producer
    • Tuna Council - Latin Lovers (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Latin Lovers (2011) ... EP

      Summary: Tuna is good for your heart and 27 Latin lovers agree.
    • Tuna Council - Bungee Jumpers (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Bungee Jumpers (2011) ... EP

      Summary: Tuna is good on the go and 25 bungee jumpers agree.
    • Tuna Council - Astronauts (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Astronauts (2011) ... EP

      Summary: Tuna is good for weight management and 35 astronauts in training agree.
    • American Airlines - Scuba (commercial)
      American Airlines - Scuba (2011) ... EP

      Summary: A couple scuba divers see sights familiar with an airport.
    • American Airlines - After School (commercial)
      American Airlines - After School (2011) ... EP

      Summary: A mother talks to her daughter in person, but we find out she's really sending instant messages on her computer while in flight.
    • Absolut - Hugs (commercial)
      Absolut - Hugs (2009) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: People use hugs and kisses as their currency.
    • Levi's - Onion Peel (commercial)
      Levi's - Onion Peel (2008) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: A scene of a fashion model plays backwards to the point where she's with her boyfriend.
    • HP - Serena Williams (commercial)
      HP - Serena Williams (2007) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: Tennis star Serena Williams talks about how she uses her HP notebook.
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