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    • Tuna Council - Latin Lovers (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Latin Lovers (2011) ... Prod Co

      Summary: Tuna is good for your heart and 27 Latin lovers agree.
    • Tuna Council - Bungee Jumpers (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Bungee Jumpers (2011) ... Prod Co

      Summary: Tuna is good on the go and 25 bungee jumpers agree.
    • Tuna Council - Astronauts (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Astronauts (2011) ... Prod Co

      Summary: Tuna is good for weight management and 35 astronauts in training agree.
    • EA Sports MMA - Global Ring (commercial)
      EA Sports MMA - Global Ring (2010) ... Production House

      Summary: A fighter trains in different disciplines to prepare for an MMA fight.
    • Absolut - Hugs (commercial)
      Absolut - Hugs (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: People use hugs and kisses as their currency.
    • Hershey's - Rascal Flatts (commercial)
      Hershey's - Rascal Flatts (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: Rascal Flatts perform at a s'mores barbecue, promoting Hershey's instant win game.
    • Gatorade Tiger - Moonshot (commercial)
      Gatorade Tiger - Moonshot (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: Tiger Woods tees off from the moon
    • Acura MDX - Make Someone Happy (commercial)
      Acura MDX - Make Someone Happy (c. 2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: Make just one someone happy - The driver of an Acura MDX smiles as he winds down some roads.
    • JCPenney - High School Cinema (commercial)
      JCPenney - High School Cinema (2008) ... Film Production Company

      Summary: Kids attend detention in this homage to The Breakfast Club.
    • Levi's - Onion Peel (commercial)
      Levi's - Onion Peel (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: A scene of a fashion model plays backwards to the point where she's with her boyfriend.
    • Christina Aguilera Signature Fragrance - Inspire (commercial)
      Christina Aguilera Signature Fragrance - Inspire (2008) ... Prod Company

      Summary: Christina pops a bubble as a symbol of her perfume.
    • HP - Serena Williams (commercial)
      HP - Serena Williams (2007)

      Summary: Tennis star Serena Williams talks about how she uses her HP notebook.
    • Nike - Long Time Coming (commercial)
      Nike - Long Time Coming (2007)

      Summary: People throughout history are shown running for their survival.
    • Sprite - Liquid Freedom (commercial)
      Sprite - Liquid Freedom (2005) ... Production Company

      Summary: Basketball players jump into the court as if it were a swimming pool.
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