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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Kiran Koshy

  • Creative Director
    • Vanity Fair - Making Headlines (commercial)
      Vanity Fair - Making Headlines (2012) ... Art Director

      Summary: A woman in Vanity Fair lingerie walks around a newspaper-themed town.
    • Charter - Married (commercial)
      Charter - Married (2010) ... AD

      Summary: A lot changes for a married couple in the two years from the start of their marriage, but their Charter rate is the same.
    • Charter - Parrot (commercial)
      Charter - Parrot (2010) ... AD

      Summary: A man tries to find out what happened in a football game from his parrot.
    • Charter - All Nighter (commercial)
      Charter - All Nighter (2010) ... AD

      Summary: A guy hears his female co-workers talking about a TV show, and pulls an all nighter to watch all the episodes.
    • Charter - Sunshine (commercial)
      Charter - Sunshine (2010) ... AD

      Summary: The TV, Internet, and Phone features of a Charter plan are demonstrated to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine".
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