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Credits for: Alex Kobak

  • Producer
    • Mercedes-Benz - Art (commercial)
      Mercedes-Benz - Art (2012) ... Senior Producer

      Summary: A history of the Mercedes SL luxury roadster over the years.
    • Mercedes-Benz - Waltz (commercial)
      Mercedes-Benz - Waltz (2011) ... Senior Producer

      Summary: As other cars spin out of control on ice/snow, the Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Sport Sedan drives safely.
    • Mercedes-Benz - Super Service (commercial)
      Mercedes-Benz - Super Service (2011) ... Senior Producer

      Summary: Tennis champion Roger Federer serves over 130 mph, but is able to get the ball moving faster in a Mercedes.
    • Mercedes-Benz - Passing Through (commercial)
      Mercedes-Benz - Passing Through (2011) ... Senior Producer

      Summary: In slow motion, a Mercedes C-Class slides as the voice-over describes its features.
    • Mercedes-Benz - Unchained (commercial)
      Mercedes-Benz - Unchained (2011) ... Senior Producer

      Summary: The back two sedan doors are ripped off a C-Class with special effects chains, making it a C-Class Coupe.
    • Mercedes-Benz - Don't Settle (commercial)
      Mercedes-Benz - Don't Settle (2010) ... Producer

      Summary: The performance and luxury of a Mercedes, but with seating for up to seven.
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