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Credits for: Harvest Films

  • Production Company
    • Payless ShoeSource - Departure (commercial)
      Payless ShoeSource - Departure (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: Women go through a security check at an airport
    • Payless ShoeSource - Family Dinner (commercial)
      Payless ShoeSource - Family Dinner (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: Families are shown celebrating Easter
    • PepsiCo - Bob's House (commercial)
      PepsiCo - Bob's House (2008)

      Summary: Based on a popular joke in the deaf community, two guys try to find their friend's house, and come up with an idea.
    • Payless - Fashion Design Studio (commercial)
      Payless - Fashion Design Studio (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: People prepare outfits in a fashion studio
    • Payless - Autumn Terrace (commercial)
      Payless - Autumn Terrace (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: People go to an outdoor party in the fall.
    • Payless - Snow Globe (commercial)
      Payless - Snow Globe (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: People enjoy the winter weather inside a snow globe
    • ProFlowers - Send Love Not Like (commercial)
      ProFlowers - Send Love Not Like (2007)

      Summary: A man confesses to his girlfriend how average he thinks she is.
    • Nike - Tearaway (commercial)
      Nike - Tearaway (2007)

      Summary: The PR manager for the US women's soccer team gives some questionable celebration advice
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