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IMDb: Tim Allen

Credits for: Tim Allen

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    • Chevy Volt - Hamtramck, MI (commercial)
      Chevy Volt - Hamtramck, MI (2012) ... Voice-over

      Summary: A Chevy Volt assembly line figuratively goes through Hamtramck, MI.
    • Chevrolet Traverse - Rainy Day (commercial)
      Chevrolet Traverse - Rainy Day (2011) ... Voice-over

      Summary: In slow motion, kids run from the house to a Chevy Traverse.
    • Chevrolet Cruze - The New Kid (commercial)
      Chevrolet Cruze - The New Kid (2010) ... Voice-over

      Summary: The voice-over describes the Chevrolet Cruze as if the car is a new kid at school.
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