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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Dan Burt

  • Producer
  • Music/Sound Design
    • Huggies Little Movers - Soirée (commercial)
      Huggies Little Movers - Soirée (c. 2011) ... Music Producer

      Summary: Freeze-frame scene of a baby causing chaos at a dinner party.
    • Schick Hydro - Boxing - Water (commercial)
      Schick Hydro - Boxing - Water (2010) ... Music Producer

      Summary: Objects impact into men's faces, and change into water.
    • Schick Hydro - Kendo (commercial)
      Schick Hydro - Kendo (2010) ... Music Producer

      Summary: Martial artists fight and other situations take place in which a strike to the face turns into water.
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