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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Alex Bogusky

  • Creative Director
    • Burger King - Kick'n Chicken (commercial)
      Burger King - Kick'n Chicken (2007) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: A chicken is trained to control his kick.
    • Miller High Life - Bistro (commercial)
      Miller High Life - Bistro (2006) ... Chief Creative Officer

      Summary: A Miller High Life truck crew confiscates their beer from a restaurant that doesn't follow the 'high life' principles
  • Executive/Owner
    • Burger King - Krusty (commercial)
      Burger King - Krusty (2007) ... Chief Creative Officer

      Summary: Krusty the Clown tries to persuade the audience to avoid Burger King, and eat his poor quality Krusty burgers.
    • Burger King - Heating Up (commercial)
      Burger King - Heating Up (2007) ... Chief Creative Officer

      Summary: In this installment featuring the BK burger family, the father Whopper finds there's a party going on at his house.
    • Nike - Long Time Coming (commercial)
      Nike - Long Time Coming (2007) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: People throughout history are shown running for their survival.
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