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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Debbie Kasher

  • Creative Director
    • SNY - Muscles (commercial)
      SNY - Muscles (2011) ... CD

      Summary: A guy watching sports on his couch becomes musclebound.
    • SNY - Libido (commercial)
      SNY - Libido (2011) ... CD

      Summary: A young woman married an old guy for his money, but the guy's vitality is boosted by watching sports on TV.
    • SNY - Sasquatch (commercial)
      SNY - Sasquatch (2011) ... CD

      Summary: As a guy watches SNY, he becomes more and more hairy.
    • Capri Sun - Balloona Luna (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Balloona Luna (2010) ... CD

      Summary: Two kids make a schoolyard trade.
    • Capri Sun - Chewy Stewie (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Chewy Stewie (2010) ... CD

      Summary: A boy uses a Capri Sun as a dog toy.
    • Capri Sun - Sandy Mandy (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Sandy Mandy (2010) ... CD

      Summary: A girl buries a Capri Sun juice pouch on a beach.
    • Capri Sun - Slow Moe (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Slow Moe (2010) ... CD

      Summary: A boy cannonballs onto a Capri Sun juice pouch.
    • SNY - Busting Balls (commercial)
      SNY - Busting Balls (2010) ... Senior Partner/CD

      Summary: Sports shop owners describe to police a guy that has been busting their inflatable balls.
    • SNY - Hoop Promotion (commercial)
      SNY - Hoop Promotion (2010) ... Senior Partner/CD

      Summary: A NYC sports shop has a basketball shooting promotion, but it backfires.
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