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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Nancy Cannava

  • Producer
    • Under Armour - Charged Cotton (commercial)
      Under Armour - Charged Cotton (2011) ... Line Producer

      Summary: A shipment of Charged Cotton arrives, and athletes run out into the Dick's Sporting Goods store.
    • LG - Angry Text (commercial)
      LG - Angry Text (2009) ... Line Producer

      Summary: James Lipton helps a guy that just got dumped to ponder before he sends a text message.
    • LG - Unicorn (commercial)
      LG - Unicorn (2009) ... Line Producer

      Summary: A girl is going to spread gossip, but James Lipton's beard persuades her not to.
    • LG - Locker Room (commercial)
      LG - Locker Room (2009) ... Line Producer

      Summary: A guy is about to text a pic of his junk to his girlfriend.
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