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IMDb: Phil Joanou

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  • Director
    • DrugFree.org - Denial (commercial)
      DrugFree.org - Denial (2012) ... Director

      Summary: A teen talks to the audience about how his mother is in denial about the teen's drug use.
    • DrugFree.org - Enabling (commercial)
      DrugFree.org - Enabling (2012) ... Director

      Summary: A teen talks about how her mother enables teenage drug use.
    • Trojan - Evolve (commercial)
      Trojan - Evolve (2007)

      Summary: Men are all shown as pigs being rejected by women until one of them purchases a condom
    • Lexus - The Big Backup (commercial)
      Lexus - The Big Backup (2007)

      Summary: Andy Roddick chases a tennis ball around New York in his car.
    • Honda - Miles and Miles (commercial)
      Honda - Miles and Miles (2007)

      Summary: Some of Honda's innovative products.
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