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IMDb: John Cusack

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    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Tow Truck (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Tow Truck (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A tow truck driver admires an illegally parked VW
    • Volkswagen - Valet (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Valet (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A Jetta owner is reluctant to hand over his keys to the valet.
    • Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A thief steals a red VW Beetle, but has a change of heart and returns it.
    • Volkswagen - Eos - Sweet Air (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Eos - Sweet Air (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: With the climate control in an Eos, he can be cool (A/C) and she can be warm.
    • Volkswagen - Rabbit - Subtitles (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Rabbit - Subtitles (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A couple guys going for a test drive are more excited about the MP3 jack than other features of the Rabbit.
    • Volkswagen - Rollercoaster (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Rollercoaster (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A line of Volkswagens drive up and down a winding mountain road, seeming like rollercoaster cars.
    • Volkswagen - Jetta - Crying Baby (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Jetta - Crying Baby (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A baby cries when the Jetta isn't moving, but goes to sleep as it accelerates.
    • Volkswagen - Slash (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Slash (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: Slash plays a First Act guitar hooked up to VW cars stacked like speakers.
    • Volkswagen - Nigel (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Nigel (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel rocks on top of (and surrounded by) VWs that are acting as his speakers.
    • Volkswagen - John Mayer (commercial)
      Volkswagen - John Mayer (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: John Mayer plays guitar using a VW bug as his speakers, and accents the music in creative ways by using the car.
    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Catapult (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Catapult (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A German engineer un-pimps a car by slinging it with a catapult.
    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Crate (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Crate (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A German engineer un-pimps a car by dropping a crate on it.
    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Wrecking Ball (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Wrecking Ball (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A German engineer un-pimps a car by
    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Hair (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Hair (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A man's "fast" wants him to keep the windows down while driving, which messes up his girlfriend's hair.
    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Officer (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Officer (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A guy pulled over for speeding is told by the officer to keep his fast under control.
    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Streamlined (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Streamlined (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A man is going to do some errands in his VW, but his fast doesn't want his wife to ride along.
    • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Take Out (commercial)
      Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Take Out (2006) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A guy is putting in a call for Indian food, and is asked whether he wants take out or pick-up.
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