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Credits for: Erich Joiner

  • Director
    • Bridgestone - Performance Football (commercial)
      Bridgestone - Performance Football (2012) ... Director

      Summary: Super Bowl 2012: What if Bridgestone made Performance Footballs.
    • Buick Verano - Tour Bus (commercial)
      Buick Verano - Tour Bus (2012) ... Director

      Summary: A woman listens to Pandora streaming music in her Buick Verano, as symbolized by tour buses following her.
    • BelVita - Morning Routine (commercial)
      BelVita - Morning Routine (2012) ... Director

      Summary: Sharon Osbourne puts her assistant to the test with some outrageous requests.
    • Bud Light - Clothing Drive (commercial)
      Bud Light - Clothing Drive (2010) ... Director

      Summary: A clothing drive that rewards employees with Bud Light encourages them to strip.
    • Repo Men - Various (commercial)
      Repo Men - Various (2010) ... Director (Didn't Have to Happen, and Super Dry)

      Summary: Dark humor parody ads within the movie Repo Men.
    • Newport Beach Film Festival - Drama (commercial)
      Newport Beach Film Festival - Drama (2010) ... Director

      Summary: Starting with two kids battling their toys, the drama escalates.
    • Newport Beach Film Festival - Romance (commercial)
      Newport Beach Film Festival - Romance (2010) ... Director

      Summary: A couple in love escalates to more intense examples of romance and sensuality.
    • Miller Lite - Carry-All - Purse (commercial)
      Miller Lite - Carry-All - Purse (2010) ... Director

      Summary: A man orders a light beer at a bar, but he doesn't care about taste, which prompts some taunting about his man bag.
    • Miller Lite - Skirt (commercial)
      Miller Lite - Skirt (2010) ... Director

      Summary: A guy's lack of taste for light beer prompts the bartender to tell him to take off his skirt.
    • Bud Light - Pimp Your Ride (commercial)
      Bud Light - Pimp Your Ride (2010) ... Director

      Summary: A vehicle has been modified to be the ultimate tailgate car for football games.
    • Honda Pilot - Impressive Space (commercial)
      Honda Pilot - Impressive Space (2010) ... Director

      Summary: The Honda Pilot drives through an airplane hangar.
    • Dueling MINIs (commercial)
      Dueling MINIs (2007)

      Summary: Two neighbors one-up one another with customizations to their MINI cars.
    • Bud Light - Hitchhiker (commercial)
      Bud Light - Hitchhiker (2007)

      Summary: A couple driving at night down a deserted road encounters an axe-wielding hitchhiker, but he has Bud Light.
    • Bud Light - Opera (commercial)
      Bud Light - Opera (2007)

      Summary: Two men try to enjoy beers that they smuggled into an opera
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