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IMDb: Zach Braff

Credits for: Zach Braff

  • Actor
    • Wendy's - Wii - Virtual Guy (commercial)
      Wendy's - Wii - Virtual Guy (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A young woman offers some of her Frosty Float to her boyfriend, but it turns out he's not really there.
    • Wendy's - Falling Floors (commercial)
      Wendy's - Falling Floors (2007) ... Voiceover

      Summary: A couple discusses the way things are made these days as they fall through the floor.
    • NBC - Scrubs - Risky Business (commercial)
      NBC - Scrubs - Risky Business (2007) ... Dr. John 'J.D.' Dorian

      Summary: In an homage to the movie "Risky Business", the guys from Scrubs dance in their underwear.
  • Director
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