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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Tim Bird

  • Visual Effects
    • Priceline - Evil Twin (commercial)
      Priceline - Evil Twin (2010) ... Comp

      Summary: The Priceline Negotiator's evil twin tries to fool a guy into paying too much for a hotel.
    • Ford Taurus - Engine (commercial)
      Ford Taurus - Engine (2009) ... Flame (Lead Artist)

      Summary: There are engines, and then there's the twin-turbocharged, direct injection V6 EcoBoost engine.
    • Ford Taurus - Mirrors (commercial)
      Ford Taurus - Mirrors (2009) ... Flame (Lead Artist)

      Summary: There are side mirrors, and then there's the blind spot monitoring side mirrors of the Ford Taurus.
    • Porsche Panamera - Family Tree (commercial)
      Porsche Panamera - Family Tree (2009) ... Compositor

      Summary: Different Porsche cars drive in the desert to form the shape of a tree.
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