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IMDb: Joe Hursley

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  • Actor
    • Sony iSweep Panorama - Taylor Swift Fans (commercial)
      Sony iSweep Panorama - Taylor Swift Fans (2010) ... Fan "I Love You"

      Summary: Pop country star Taylor Swift is able to get a panoramic view of her fans using the Sony Cyber-shot TX7.
    • H&R Block - Cyclops (commercial)
      H&R Block - Cyclops (2009) ... "Can't believe my eye"

      Summary: A cyclops tells his friends about H&R Block's Second Look tax program.
    • McDonald's - McCafe - Motorcycle Minivan (commercial)
      McDonald's - McCafe - Motorcycle Minivan (2009) ... Motorcycle Rider

      Summary: A guy on a motorcycle taunts a minivan driver.
    • Diet Mountain Dew - Yo Yos (commercial)
      Diet Mountain Dew - Yo Yos (2008) ... Store robber

      Summary: People are shown using yo yos as weapons.
    • AT&T - Cingular - Vegas (commercial)
      AT&T - Cingular - Vegas (2007) ... Mike

      Summary: A daughter is with her boyfriend in Las Vegas, and calls her mom, but a dropped calls gets the mother nervous.
    • Wendy's - Air Supply (commercial)
      Wendy's - Air Supply (2007) ... Guy with Air Supply burger

      Summary: Two employees have lunch, one having a "dressed-up burger" and the other having Wendy's.
    • Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief (2007) ... Thief

      Summary: A thief steals a red VW Beetle, but has a change of heart and returns it.
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