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Credits for: Number Six

  • Editorial Company
    • Harley Davidson - Liberation (commercial)
      Harley Davidson - Liberation (2011) ... Editorial Co

      Summary: A Harley rider frees dogs from their cages.
    • Harley Davidson - Unchained (commercial)
      Harley Davidson - Unchained (2011) ... Editorial Co

      Summary: A dog chained in a yard breaks free and starts running along side a Harley.
    • Microsoft - Laptop Hunters - Lauren (commercial)
      Microsoft - Laptop Hunters - Lauren (2009) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: Lauren shops for laptops, concluding she can't afford the Macs, but finds an HP PC within her budget.
    • Nature Valley - Back to the Wild (commercial)
      Nature Valley - Back to the Wild (2009) ... Editorial

      Summary: A wildlife freedom expert takes us into the African savanna to return a Nature Valley bar into the wild.
    • Microsoft - Windows 7 - Good News (Kylie) (commercial)
      Microsoft - Windows 7 - Good News (Kylie) (2009) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A little girl, Kylie, puts together a slideshow of happy words about Windows 7 - Final Countdown version.
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