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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Mike Long

  • Director
    • Lay's - Happy (commercial)
      Lay's - Happy (2009) ... Director

      Summary: A man sees everyone else at his workplace as happy inflatable people
    • Cold Stone Creamery - Bigfoot (commercial)
      Cold Stone Creamery - Bigfoot (2007)

      Summary: Bigfoot must decide whether or not to enter a Cold Stone Creamery
    • JCPenney - Wake Up (commercial)
      JCPenney - Wake Up (2007)

      Summary: A mother mysteriously wakes up her children to evacuate the house.
  • Creative Director
    • JCPenney - Crowd Surfing (commercial)
      JCPenney - Crowd Surfing (2008) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: People crowd surf as a mode of transportation
    • JCPenney - Magic (commercial)
      JCPenney - Magic (2007)

      Summary: Ordinary people experience magical moments on the street.
    • JCPenney - The Aviator (commercial)
      JCPenney - The Aviator (2007)

      Summary: A young girl works on a secret Christmas project
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