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Credits for: The Sweet Shop

  • Production Company
    • Illinois Lottery - Cash For Life - Protective Suit (commercial)
      Illinois Lottery - Cash For Life - Protective Suit (c. 2011) ... Production House

      Summary: A man wins an Illinois Lottery instant game that pays a recurring prize for life, so he buys himself a protective suit.
    • Toyota Prius - People Person (commercial)
      Toyota Prius - People Person (2011) ... Prod Company

      Summary: People stacked up on one another form a composite person.
    • General Mills - Awards (commercial)
      General Mills - Awards (2010) ... Production Co

      Summary: Children show off their accomplishments, which they achieved with the help of a healthy breakfast.
    • Toyota - Prius - Harmony (commercial)
      Toyota - Prius - Harmony (2009) ... Production Co.

      Summary: A surreal drive through the countryside, where the scenery consists of people in costumes.
    • Toyota - Prius - MPG (commercial)
      Toyota - Prius - MPG (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: A Prius has the Sun in tow, as it drives around a world made of costumed people.
    • Toyota - Prius - Solar (commercial)
      Toyota - Prius - Solar (2009) ... Production Company

      Summary: A 2010 Prius is out in the desert, showing off its solar-powered ventilation.
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