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  • Editorial Company
    • Chevy Volt - Hamtramck, MI (commercial)
      Chevy Volt - Hamtramck, MI (2012) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A Chevy Volt assembly line figuratively goes through Hamtramck, MI.
    • Acura NSX - Transactions (commercial)
      Acura NSX - Transactions (2012) ... Editorial

      Summary: Super Bowl 2012 : Jerry Seinfeld tries to be the first to get the Acura NSX by impressing the guy who's first on the list.
    • Acura - Season of Reason - Gordon Ramsay (commercial)
      Acura - Season of Reason - Gordon Ramsay (2011) ... Editorial

      Summary: A rich family spares no expense for their holiday dinner, hiring renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.
    • Vattenfall - Frost (commercial)
      Vattenfall - Frost (2010) ... Editorial Co

      Summary: A man walks through a field and puts on a coat as the seasons change from autumn to a frosty winter.
    • Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (commercial)
      Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (2009) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: Seth MacFarlane explains Hulu's evil plan, while showing off the voices of Family Guy.
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