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IMDb: Beth Littleford

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  • Actor
    • Laughing Cow - Have You Laughed Today (commercial)
      Laughing Cow - Have You Laughed Today (2008) ... "Have you laughed today?"

      Summary: Brighten up a plate full of crackers with The Laughing Cow cheese.
    • Xerox - Mute Button (commercial)
      Xerox - Mute Button (2007) ... Collette

      Summary: A presentation was printed in color cost effectively, which impresses the boss, but a mute button mishap ruins the moment.
    • Xerox - Ed's Printer (commercial)
      Xerox - Ed's Printer (2007) ... Collette

      Summary: Ed has been given his own printer so he can stay locked in his office, because of an annoying habit.
    • IBM - Reality Detector (commercial)
      IBM - Reality Detector (2003) ... Keaty

      Summary: Corporate executives get a demonstration of a business reality detector.
    • IBM - Universal Business Adapter (commercial)
      IBM - Universal Business Adapter (2003) ... Executive "Fast?"

      Summary: Corporate executives get an explanation of a universal business adapter.
    • IBM - Pixie Dust (commercial)
      IBM - Pixie Dust (2003) ... Executive "How's it work?"

      Summary: Corporate executives get an overview of magic pixie dust that heals servers.
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