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IMDb: Fuel

Credits for: Fuel

  • Visual Effects
    • Capri Sun - Balloona Luna (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Balloona Luna (2010) ... Animation

      Summary: Two kids make a schoolyard trade.
    • Capri Sun - Chewy Stewie (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Chewy Stewie (2010) ... Animation

      Summary: A boy uses a Capri Sun as a dog toy.
    • Capri Sun - Sandy Mandy (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Sandy Mandy (2010) ... Animation

      Summary: A girl buries a Capri Sun juice pouch on a beach.
    • Capri Sun - Slow Moe (commercial)
      Capri Sun - Slow Moe (2010) ... Animation

      Summary: A boy cannonballs onto a Capri Sun juice pouch.
    • Leggo's - Rhapsody in Red (commercial)
      Leggo's - Rhapsody in Red (2009) ... Visual Effects and Animation

      Summary: Tomatoes vibrate from an opera song that's blasting on speakers underneath.
    • Natural Gas - Balloons (commercial)
      Natural Gas - Balloons (2009) ... VFX

      Summary: Hot air balloons fly in a group in rural and urban areas.
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