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IMDb: Snoop Dogg

Credits for: Snoop Dogg

  • Actor
    • Pepsi Max - NFL Audible - Snoop Dogg (commercial)
      Pepsi Max - NFL Audible - Snoop Dogg (2011) ... Himself

      Summary: Promo for the NFL, sponsored by Pepsi Max, featuring Snoop Dogg
    • Pepsi Max - Display King (commercial)
      Pepsi Max - Display King (2010) ... Himself

      Summary: Two competing beverage delivery guys try to out-do each other in making displays.
    • Orbit - Snoop Dogg (commercial)
      Orbit - Snoop Dogg (2006) ... Himself

      Summary: Snoop Dogg tells a class about being a gansta, which gets him sent to Hell, but after cleaning up his mouth gets into Heaven.
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