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IMDb: Leisha Hailey

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    • Yoplait - So Good - Chocolate (commercial)
      Yoplait - So Good - Chocolate (c. 2005) ... "Zen/Karma"

      Summary: Two women at a spa talk about how good Chocolate Mousse Whips! Yoplait is.
    • Yoplait - So Good - Bridesmaids (commercial)
      Yoplait - So Good - Bridesmaids (c. 2003) ... "Not catching the bouquet"

      Summary: Two women in bridesmaids gowns sit by themselves after a wedding, and eat Yoplait.
    • Yoplait - So Good (commercial)
      Yoplait - So Good (c. 2003) ... "Thank the academy"

      Summary: Two women discuss how good Yoplait yogurt is compared to other great moments.
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