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IMDb: Clare Foley

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    • XFINITY - Can't Buy Happiness (commercial)
      XFINITY - Can't Buy Happiness (2013) ... Redhead Daughter

      Summary: A mother walks through her house and explains how she got faster Internet speeds for a bargain.
    • Capital One Venture - Teacher (commercial)
      Capital One Venture - Teacher (2013) ... The Redhead

      Summary: Alec Baldwin poses as a substitute teacher to teach the kids some things about Capital One Venture double miles.
    • Kaiser Permanente - Preventing (commercial)
      Kaiser Permanente - Preventing (2011) ... Little Girl Jumping In Lake

      Summary: Examples of Kaiser Permanente's goals to prevent health problems and reduce red tape.
    • Ally Bank - Bike (commercial)
      Ally Bank - Bike (2009) ... Little Girl

      Summary: A little girl test rides a bike, but can't go outside a small space.
    • Target - October - Halloween (commercial)
      Target - October - Halloween (2009) ... Daughter

      Summary: Meet a mom who knows to get good deals at Target during the fall.
    • Dunkin' Donuts - Hayride (commercial)
      Dunkin' Donuts - Hayride (2009) ... Little red haired girl

      Summary: Fun on a hayride.
    • AT&T - Dinosaur (commercial)
      AT&T - Dinosaur (2008) ... Crying Little Girl

      Summary: A mother's double explains how a child's birthday party is ruined because of a costume mix up.
    • Giant Eagle - Over The River (commercial)
      Giant Eagle - Over The River (2008) ... Daughter

      Summary: A man tells a family riding a sleigh to drive instead, and to buy gift cards.
    • Cheerios - Love Note (commercial)
      Cheerios - Love Note (2006) ... Little Girl

      Summary: A man's granddaughter gives him a card she made.
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