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Credits for: DUCK

  • Production Company
    • McDonald's - Apple Tree (commercial)
      McDonald's - Apple Tree (2011) ... Production Company

      Summary: An apple tree grows up, a family of birds nests there, and they fly off with a Happy Meal.
    • McDonald's - Suzi Van Zoom (commercial)
      McDonald's - Suzi Van Zoom (2011) ... Production Company

      Summary: Suzi Van Zoom zips around, riding her bike through a zoo on her way to McDonalds.
    • UH Rainbow - UH RBC Awareness - There's only one Rainbow (commercial)
      UH Rainbow - UH RBC Awareness - There's only one Rainbow (2011) ... Prod Co

      Summary: An animated family uses a rainbow in this spot for UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital.
    • ScrewAttack.com - Classic Gaming Wiz (music video)
      ScrewAttack.com - Classic Gaming Wiz (2010) ... Production Company

      Summary: Mock music video in which the fictional Keith Apicary plays portable games he finds on the side of the road.
    • Entergy - Safety Residential (commercial)
      Entergy - Safety Residential (2010) ... Prod Co

      Summary: How close can I get to that power line?
    • Entergy - Efficiency (commercial)
      Entergy - Efficiency (2010) ... Prod Co

      Summary: Ways in which power company Entergy is helping to increase energy efficiency.
    • McDonald's - Bebe (commercial)
      McDonald's - Bebe (2010) ... Prod Company

      Summary: Animation of a girl, Bebe, who made a list of her birthday wishes.
    • McDonald's - Spaceman Stu (commercial)
      McDonald's - Spaceman Stu (2010) ... Production Company

      Summary: An animated boy, Spaceman Stu, dreams of floating with the stars.
    • United Airlines - Heart (commercial)
      United Airlines - Heart (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: Animation of a wife who leaves her heart with her husband.
    • United Airlines - Sea Orchestra (commercial)
      United Airlines - Sea Orchestra (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: Animation of a sea life orchestra.
    • Weinerschnitzel - Predator (commercial)
      Weinerschnitzel - Predator (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: A young man is caught in the act of trying to eat a hot dog.
  • Editorial Company
  • Post Production
    • Cox Communications - Cup Phone (commercial)
      Cox Communications - Cup Phone (2011) ... Post/Animation/Effects Co

      Summary: A COX maintenance worker assists neighborhood kids who dropped their tin can phone.
    • Cox Communications - Breakfast in Bed (commercial)
      Cox Communications - Breakfast in Bed (2011) ... Post/Animation/Effects Co

      Summary: A man on a business trip gives an On Demand movie gift to his wife over the phone.
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