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IMDb: Cassandra Khavari

Credits for: Cassandra Khavari

  • Producer
    • Samsung - Graphic Artist (commercial)
      Samsung - Graphic Artist (2010) ... Bidding Producer

      Summary: An artist uses the Samsung Behold II to take pictures that inspire his work.
    • GMC Sierra - Build (commercial)
      GMC Sierra - Build (2010) ... Bidding Producer

      Summary: Special effects floating robots assemble a GMC Sierra truck.
    • Bing - Thelma & Louise (commercial)
      Bing - Thelma & Louise (2010) ... Bidding Producer

      Summary: Two women find a restaurant with Bing in their own version of a famous scene from Thelma & Louise.
    • Samsung Galaxy S - Car Chase (commercial)
      Samsung Galaxy S - Car Chase (2010) ... Bidding Producer

      Summary: Cinema quality entertainment in the palm of your hand: A car chase ensues.
    • Bud Light - Pimp Your Ride (commercial)
      Bud Light - Pimp Your Ride (2010) ... Bidding Producer

      Summary: A vehicle has been modified to be the ultimate tailgate car for football games.
  • Visual Effects
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