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  • Actor
    • Ford - Tri-State Ford Sales Drive (commercial)
      Ford - Tri-State Ford Sales Drive (2012) ... Himself

      Summary: Scenes of the Ford Edge driving on country roads and footage of the Yankees playing.
    • Gatorade - What's G? (commercial)
      Gatorade - What's G? (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: Lil Wayne describes "G" as legends of sport scroll past the screen.
    • Gatorade - Quest For G (commercial)
      Gatorade - Quest For G (2009) ... Sir Jeter the Gifted

      Summary: King Kevin Garnett and his gallant knights search for the Holy G.
    • Jordan - Become Legendary - Intro (commercial)
      Jordan - Become Legendary - Intro (2008) ... Baseball player

      Summary: Michael Jordan narrates about how it's not the shoes, it's what you do in them.
    • Gatorade - G2 - Derek Jeter (commercial)
      Gatorade - G2 - Derek Jeter (2008) ... Himself

      Summary: New York Yankees' Derek Jeter walks on the streets of Manhattan that are transforming into a baseball field.
    • Ford - Derek Jeter - Car Dealer (commercial)
      Ford - Derek Jeter - Car Dealer (2008) ... Salesman

      Summary: Derek Jeter poses as a sales guy at a Tri-State Ford dealer.
    • Propel Fitness Water - Powerwalk (commercial)
      Propel Fitness Water - Powerwalk (2007)

      Summary: A woman on a fitness walk imagines herself catching the interest of famous people.
    • Gatorade - Stealin' (commercial)
      Gatorade - Stealin' (2007) ... Himself

      Summary: Harvey Keitel plays a subconscious first base coach to Derek Jeter at a baseball game.
    • Gatorade - League of Clutch (commercial)
      Gatorade - League of Clutch (2007) ... Himself

      Summary: When all seems lost, heroes of the game come through.
    • Gatorade - G2 - Footsteps - Baseball Teaser (commercial)
      Gatorade - G2 - Footsteps - Baseball Teaser (2007)

      Summary: A man walks down the street, and the ground changes from cobblestone to grass.
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