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IMDb: Spy Films

Credits for: Spy Films

  • Production Company
    • MTV - Skins - Reverse Party (commercial)
      MTV - Skins - Reverse Party (2011) ... Production Company

      Summary: Promo in reverse for the controversial show about lascivious youth.
    • Ford Fusion - Ice (commercial)
      Ford Fusion - Ice (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: A man's Fusion freezes everything around it, including the sea, which he drives across.
    • Evil Dead: The Musical (commercial)
      Evil Dead: The Musical (2008) ... Production Co.

      Summary: A guy gets decapitated and set on fire outside the theater for Evil Dead: The Musical.
    • Snickers - Rugby (commercial)
      Snickers - Rugby (2007) ... Production Company

      Summary: Giant rhinos and bulls play a game in an airplane junkyard.
    • Snickers - Tag (commercial)
      Snickers - Tag (2007) ... Production Company

      Summary: Two robot animals play tag around city streets.
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