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IMDb: Bryan Buckley

Credits for: Bryan Buckley

  • Director
    • Audi A8 - Prison (commercial)
      Audi A8 - Prison (2011) ... Director

      Summary: Super Bowl XLV: Escape from old luxury
    • Cash4Gold - One-up (commercial)
      Cash4Gold - One-up (2009)

      Summary: Ed McMahon and MC Hammer show off different gold pieces they are going to sell for cash.
    • H&R Block - Reaper (commercial)
      H&R Block - Reaper (2009) ... Director

      Summary: Death pays a visit to an accountant to complain about his tax return.
    • Bud Light - Conan O'Brien Swedish (commercial)
      Bud Light - Conan O'Brien Swedish (2009) ... Director

      Summary: Conan O'Brien agrees to do a commercial, because he thinks it will only be broadcast in Sweden.
    • Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (commercial)
      Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (2009) ... Director

      Summary: Seth MacFarlane explains Hulu's evil plan, while showing off the voices of Family Guy.
    • Nikon CoolPix S550 - Ashton Kutcher (commercial)
      Nikon CoolPix S550 - Ashton Kutcher (2008)

      Summary: A woman takes pictures on Ashton's camera before sneaking it back into his coat pocket
    • Nikon CoolPix S550 - Lobby - Ashton Kutcher (commercial)
      Nikon CoolPix S550 - Lobby - Ashton Kutcher (2008)

      Summary: Ashton Kutcher answers his phone, and some young women take pictures with his camera.
    • Huggies - Big Baby (commercial)
      Huggies - Big Baby (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Office workers begin to act like babies
    • American Express - My People - Ellen & Beyonce (commercial)
      American Express - My People - Ellen & Beyonce (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Ellen tries to find "her people" after Beyoncé tells her "Just have your people call my people".
    • Microsoft - Shoe Circus (commercial)
      Microsoft - Shoe Circus (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Jerry Seinfeld sees Bill Gates in a shoe store.
    • Microsoft - New Family (commercial)
      Microsoft - New Family (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates live with a family to connect with real people.
    • JCPenney - Beware of the Doghouse (commercial)
      JCPenney - Beware of the Doghouse (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A man finds himself in the doghouse after he gives his girlfriend a thoughtless gift.
    • Chevy - HHR - Car Wash (commercial)
      Chevy - HHR - Car Wash (2007)

      Summary: A group of women in an HHR are sitting idle at a light, but soon are surrounded by shirtless men.
    • Snickers - Intro (commercial)
      Snickers - Intro (2007)

      Summary: A collection of people from different historical times go on a road trip.
    • Visa - Rockit (commercial)
      Visa - Rockit (2007)

      Summary: Breakdancers in a store are halted when one of the customers tries to pay with a check.
    • Life Savers - Muffin Top (commercial)
      Life Savers - Muffin Top (2007)

      Summary: A guy is nice and doesn't tell his girlfriend the real reason people are calling her muffin top.
    • Miller High Life - Bistro (commercial)
      Miller High Life - Bistro (2006)

      Summary: A Miller High Life truck crew confiscates their beer from a restaurant that doesn't follow the 'high life' principles
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