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IMDb: Fredrik Bond

Credits for: Fredrik Bond

  • Director
    • Huggies Little Movers - SoirĂ©e (commercial)
      Huggies Little Movers - Soirée (c. 2011) ... Director

      Summary: Freeze-frame scene of a baby causing chaos at a dinner party.
    • New Balance - Anthem (commercial)
      New Balance - Anthem (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A runner maintains a love/hate balance with running.
    • New Balance - Rain (commercial)
      New Balance - Rain (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A guy sleeps in while it's raining outside, as his wife is shown coming in from a run.
    • New Balance - Party (commercial)
      New Balance - Party (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A young man walks home after practice, and passes by a party.
    • New Balance - Park Bench (commercial)
      New Balance - Park Bench (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A guy sits on a park bench watching runners going by, regretting his decision to stop running.
    • New Balance - Shower (commercial)
      New Balance - Shower (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A man sits in the tub as the voice-over talks about the guy's relationship with running.
    • Levi's 501 - First Time (commercial)
      Levi's 501 - First Time (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Two teens unbutton their 501s, but don't do what you'd expect.
    • Guinness - Fridge Magnet (commercial)
      Guinness - Fridge Magnet (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Refrigerators are drawn to a Guinness truck
    • JCPenney - The Aviator (commercial)
      JCPenney - The Aviator (2007)

      Summary: A young girl works on a secret Christmas project
    • Absolut - Pillow Fight (commercial)
      Absolut - Pillow Fight (2007)

      Summary: Protestors pillow fight police clad in riot gear
    • Carling - Space (commercial)
      Carling - Space (2007) ... Director

      Summary: A group of mates in space make an important decision.
    • Carling - Out (commercial)
      Carling - Out (c. 2007) ... Director

      Summary: A group of mates in a frozen wasteland agree to go out.
    • Brylcreem - Effortless (commercial)
      Brylcreem - Effortless (2007) ... Director

      Summary: A guy does his hair and his whole morning routine effortlessly.
    • Axe - Billions (commercial)
      Axe - Billions (2006)

      Summary: Numerous bikini-clad women converge on a guy who's spraying himself with Axe body spray.
    • Craftsman - Ball Return (commercial)
      Craftsman - Ball Return (2006)

      Summary: Bowling balls fly out of the ball return during a competition
    • Craftsman - Springboard (commercial)
      Craftsman - Springboard (2006)

      Summary: A man shoots through the air when a springboard malfunctions.
    • Barclays - iShares - Strike Anywhere (commercial)
      Barclays - iShares - Strike Anywhere (2006) ... Director

      Summary: Ideas strike various people, and they become focused on thinking out the ideas.
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