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IMDb: Gerard De Thame

Credits for: Gerard De Thame

  • Director
    • Nissan Altima - Around the World in 8 Miles (commercial)
      Nissan Altima - Around the World in 8 Miles (2011) ... Director

      Summary: The Nissan Altima is tested in tough conditions based on areas around the world.
    • American Airlines - Scuba (commercial)
      American Airlines - Scuba (2011) ... Director

      Summary: A couple scuba divers see sights familiar with an airport.
    • American Airlines - After School (commercial)
      American Airlines - After School (2011) ... Director

      Summary: A mother talks to her daughter in person, but we find out she's really sending instant messages on her computer while in flight.
    • Verizon - NHL - Tarmac (commercial)
      Verizon - NHL - Tarmac (2010) ... Director

      Summary: NHL players take advantage of a frozen airport tarmac after their flight is postponed.
    • Verizon - NHL - Encore (commercial)
      Verizon - NHL - Encore (2010) ... Director

      Summary: NHL hockey players do an encore game after the fans chant for more.
    • Allstate - Gloves (commercial)
      Allstate - Gloves (2010) ... Director

      Summary: Goalkeeper Memo Ochoa drops his gloves on the way to a football game, but his fans relay them back to him.
    • Allstate - Wall (commercial)
      Allstate - Wall (2010) ... Director

      Summary: With the help of special effects goalkeeper Memo Ochoa is shown in multiple locations of the goal.
    • CSX - Enviro-Brackets (commercial)
      CSX - Enviro-Brackets (2010) ... Director

      Summary: Nature forms into the shape of the CSX traincar logo.
    • CSX - Tracks (commercial)
      CSX - Tracks (2010) ... Director

      Summary: Everywhere you look, freight trains are part of the economy.
    • Acura MDX - Make Someone Happy (commercial)
      Acura MDX - Make Someone Happy (c. 2008) ... Director

      Summary: Make just one someone happy - The driver of an Acura MDX smiles as he winds down some roads.
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