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IMDb: Corinne Bohrer

Credits for: Corinne Bohrer

  • Actor
    • Totino's Pizza Rolls - Wall Punch (commercial)
      Totino's Pizza Rolls - Wall Punch (c. 2008) ... Mother

      Summary: A mother heats up Totino's Pizza Rolls in the microwave, and her son punches through the wall to get them.
    • Apple - Mac - Breakthrough (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Breakthrough (2008) ... Counselor

      Summary: In a therapy session, PC is told his issues aren't his fault.
    • Bounty - One Sheet (commercial)
      Bounty - One Sheet (2008) ... Mother

      Summary: A mom demonstrates how a spill can be cleaned up with one sheet of Bounty.
    • Mac - Counselor (commercial)
      Mac - Counselor (2006) ... Counselor

      Summary: Mac and PC talk to a counselor, and are asked to compliment each other, to which Mac obliges, but PC can't do without getting a dig in at the end.
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