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IMDb: Maria Sharapova

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    • Nike - The Human Chain (commercial)
      Nike - The Human Chain (2010) ... Herself

      Summary: Multiple versions of athletes at different points in their movement.
    • Nike - Courage (commercial)
      Nike - Courage (2008) ... Herself

      Summary: Great moments and athletes in sports.
    • Canon - PowerShot - Fans - Maria Sharapova (commercial)
      Canon - PowerShot - Fans - Maria Sharapova (2008) ... Herself

      Summary: Maria Sharapova's dog Dolce steals all the attention.
    • Canon - PowerShot - Banter (commercial)
      Canon - PowerShot - Banter (2007) ... Herself

      Summary: Maria Sharapova takes pictures of her Pomeranian dog Dolce.
    • Canon - Dolce (commercial)
      Canon - Dolce (2007)

      Summary: Maria Sharapova's dog Dolce runs in, and Maria takes a picture that focuses on the faces of her guests.
    • Gatorade - League of Clutch (commercial)
      Gatorade - League of Clutch (2007) ... Herself

      Summary: When all seems lost, heroes of the game come through.
    • Nike - I Feel Pretty (commercial)
      Nike - I Feel Pretty (2006) ... Herself

      Summary: Maria Sharapova travels from her hotel to a tennis match, while passerbys, event staff, and the crowd serenade her with "I'm So Pretty"
    • Nike - Awake (commercial)
      Nike - Awake (2006) ... Herself, tennis serve

      Summary: Early in the morning various athletes are shown doing their training, everything from surfing to running to swimming.
    • Canon - Attraction (commercial)
      Canon - Attraction (2006)

      Summary: Maria Sharapova is followed by tennis balls that form into a smiley face.
    • Canon - Maria Was Here (commercial)
      Canon - Maria Was Here (2005)

      Summary: Maria Sharapova is practicing her returns against a tennis ball machine, and spells out a message in the fence on the other side.
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