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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Marilia Barocco

  • Actor
    • Old Navy - Pattern Play (commercial)
      Old Navy - Pattern Play (2008) ... Friend

      Summary: A young woman tries on different combinations of Old Navy fashions.
    • Old Navy - Neon Nights (commercial)
      Old Navy - Neon Nights (2008) ... Neon Nights Girl

      Summary: A young woman keeps checking her cell phone after having a fight with her boyfriend.
    • Old Navy - Loft (commercial)
      Old Navy - Loft (2008)

      Summary: The Old Navy Trophy Girls get tickets to the MTV Movie Awards.
    • Old Navy - Backstage (commercial)
      Old Navy - Backstage (2008)

      Summary: The Old Navy Trophy Girls are backstage at the MTV Movie Awards.
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