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IMDb: Emmanuel Lubezki

Credits for: Emmanuel Lubezki

  • Director
    • Acura NSX - Transactions (commercial)
      Acura NSX - Transactions (2012) ... DP

      Summary: Super Bowl 2012 : Jerry Seinfeld tries to be the first to get the Acura NSX by impressing the guy who's first on the list.
    • GE Healthcare - Love Story (commercial)
      GE Healthcare - Love Story (2008) ... Director of Photography

      Summary: A man creates a chain reaction that injures many people while trying to get the attention of a girl
    • GE - Ecomagination - Clouds (commercial)
      GE - Ecomagination - Clouds (c. 2008) ... Director of Photography

      Summary: People move buckets of water up in the clouds.
    • Nike - Fate - Leave Nothing (commercial)
      Nike - Fate - Leave Nothing (2008) ... Director of Photography

      Summary: From birth to the football field, LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu are shown fulfilling their destinies.
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