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IMDb: Josh Gordon

Credits for: Josh Gordon

  • Director
    • Bing - Thelma & Louise (commercial)
      Bing - Thelma & Louise (2010) ... Director

      Summary: Two women find a restaurant with Bing in their own version of a famous scene from Thelma & Louise.
    • Washington Mutual - WaMu - Snow Angel (commercial)
      Washington Mutual - WaMu - Snow Angel (2008)

      Summary: A woman at a WaMu branch daydreams about her bake shop.
    • Washington Mutual - WaMu - Hair (commercial)
      Washington Mutual - WaMu - Hair (2008)

      Summary: A man fantasizes about driving a sports car and having hair, after hearing about WaMu's free checking account
    • GEICO - Airport (commercial)
      GEICO - Airport (2006)

      Summary: A modern sophisticated caveman is riding a walkway in an airport terminal, when he passes by a demeaning Geico advertisement.
    • Geico - Tiny house (commercial)
      Geico - Tiny house (2005)

      Summary: Spoof of a reality tv show featuring a couple living in a tiny house.
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