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    • Apple - Mac - Biohazard Suit (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Biohazard Suit (2009) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac asks PC why he's in a biohazard suit.
    • Apple - Mac - Legal Copy (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Legal Copy (2009) ... Mac

      Summary: As PC makes claims about PCs, legal copy appears on the screen.
    • Apple - Mac - Stacks (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Stacks (2009) ... Mac

      Summary: PC goes through pictures one by one.
    • Apple - Mac - Time Traveler (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Time Traveler (2009) ... Mac

      Summary: PC goes into the future only discover PCs still have problems.
    • Apple - Mac - Elimination (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Elimination (2009) ... Mac

      Summary: PCs line up for a customer to narrow down her choices.
    • Apple - Mac - Customer Care (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Customer Care (2009) ... Mac

      Summary: PC has a flashback to some frustrating customer care calls he's made.
    • Apple - Mac - PC Choice Chat (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - PC Choice Chat (2009) ... Mac

      Summary: PC takes questions from his radio audience, but keeps cutting them off.
    • Mac - Referee (commercial)
      Mac - Referee (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC has a referee to officiate their discussion about Leopard.
    • Mac - Time Machine (commercial)
      Mac - Time Machine (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: Multiple Macs stand in a line and explain to PC about Leopard's backup feature.
    • Apple - Mac - Yoga (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Yoga (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC tries to meditate through yoga.
    • Apple - Mac - Breakthrough (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Breakthrough (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: In a therapy session, PC is told his issues aren't his fault.
    • Apple - Mac - Office Stress (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Office Stress (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC gives Mac a stress toy, but it is he that really needs it.
    • Apple - Mac - Group (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Group (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC attends a "PCs Living with Vista" meeting.
    • Apple - Mac - Pep Rally (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Pep Rally (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC gets some cheerleaders to help spread the word about PCs.
    • Apple - Mac - Sad Song (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Sad Song (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC sings the Vista blues.
    • Apple - Mac - Pizza Box (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Pizza Box (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC hides in a pizza box to trick college students into buying PCs.
    • Apple - Mac - Throne (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Throne (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC feels like a king because he thinks PC users will stick with PCs because he says switching computers would be a hassle.
    • Apple - Mac - Calming Teas (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Calming Teas (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC has a line of calming teas to help with Vista woes.
    • Apple - Mac - Off the Air (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Off the Air (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC doesn't want people to find out they can easily get files transferred to a new Mac.
    • Apple - Mac - Bean Counter (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Bean Counter (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC spends more money on advertising than fixing Vista.
    • Apple - Mac - The V-Word (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - The V-Word (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC bleeps the word "Vista".
    • Apple - Mac - Bake Sale (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Bake Sale (2008) ... Mac

      Summary: PC has a bake sale to raise money to fix problems in Vista.
    • Apple - Mac - I Can Do Anything (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - I Can Do Anything (2008) ... Mac (voice)

      Summary: Mac and PC are animated, and PC says he likes being able to do anything.
    • Apple - Mac - Tree Trimming (commercial)
      Apple - Mac - Tree Trimming (2008) ... Mac (voice)

      Summary: Mac and PC are animated and PC decorates a tree.
    • Mac - Tech Support (commercial)
      Mac - Tech Support (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: A tech support guy tapes a webcam to PC's head.
    • Mac - Surgery (commercial)
      Mac - Surgery (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is wearing a hospital gown, ready for his "surgery" in upgrading to Windows Vista.
    • Mac - Sabotage (commercial)
      Mac - Sabotage (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: An imposter stands in for Mac, making Macs look bad.
    • Mac - Security (commercial)
      Mac - Security (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is accompanied by a Vista bodyguard who asks "cancel or allow" for everything PC does.
    • Mac - Computer Cart (commercial)
      Mac - Computer Cart (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC sits on a cart with other PCs that need repairs.
    • Mac - Flashback (commercial)
      Mac - Flashback (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC thinks back to when he and Mac were children.
    • Mac - Stuffed (commercial)
      Mac - Stuffed (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is bloated with trial software.
    • Mac - Choose a Vista (commercial)
      Mac - Choose a Vista (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC uses a gameshow wheel to choose which flavor of Windows Vista he's going to get.
    • Mac - Genius (commercial)
      Mac - Genius (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac is joined by an Apple Store Genius, an employee who answers people's tech questions at the stores.
    • Mac - Party is Over (commercial)
      Mac - Party is Over (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is celebrating the release of Windows Vista, but he's not too happy about it.
    • Mac - PR Lady (commercial)
      Mac - PR Lady (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC has a public relations lady to help spin all the bad things he's saying about Windows Vista.
    • Mac - Podium (commercial)
      Mac - Podium (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC stands behind a podium to deliver his message "Don't give up on Vista!"
    • Mac - Boxer (commercial)
      Mac - Boxer (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is wearing boxing gear, showing people he's not going down without a fight.
    • Mac - Santa Claus (commercial)
      Mac - Santa Claus (2007) ... Mac (voice)

      Summary: Claymation versions of Mac and PC sing with Santa.
    • Mac - Misprint (commercial)
      Mac - Misprint (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC gets on the phone with PC World to discuss what he thinks is a misprint.
    • Mac - Now What (commercial)
      Mac - Now What (2007) ... Mac

      Summary: PC pitches a book he wrote on helping to choose a computer.
    • Mac - Viruses (commercial)
      Mac - Viruses (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: PC has a cold (virus), while Mac remains healthy.
    • Mac - Restarting (commercial)
      Mac - Restarting (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: PC and Mac are discussing how much they have in common, when all of a sudden PC freezes.
    • Mac - Better (commercial)
      Mac - Better (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac and PC discuss what each excels at, and PC reluctantly agrees Macs are better at "life stuff."
    • Mac - iLife (commercial)
      Mac - iLife (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is listening to an iPod (which works with a PC), and Mac recommends other iLife products (only on Macs).
    • Mac - Network (commercial)
      Mac - Network (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: PC and Mac hold hands to represent how they can network, then a Japanese woman (digital camera) comes along with whom Mac can instantly communicate.
    • Mac - WSJ (commercial)
      Mac - WSJ (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac is reading a glowing review of Macs in the Wall Street Journal, and PC is a bit jealous.
    • Mac - Out of the Box (commercial)
      Mac - Out of the Box (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac and PC are both sitting in their boxes, Mac ready to get started, while PC still needs to get ready.
    • Mac - Touche (commercial)
      Mac - Touche (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac says he can run Windows, so he's a PC too, to which PC incorrectly retorts "touche."
    • Mac - Work vs. Home (commercial)
      Mac - Work vs. Home (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac talks about how Macs are good for fun stuff, and PC demonstrates with a pie chart how PCs can be fun.
    • Mac - Accident (commercial)
      Mac - Accident (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is in a cast and wheelchair after having been in an accident (pulled power cord), while Mac describes the magnetic safeguard in Mac powercords.
    • Mac - Angel/Devil (commercial)
      Mac - Angel/Devil (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac shows PC an iPhoto book, to which PC's angel personality approves, but his devil personality disapproves as being too fun.
    • Mac - Trust Mac (commercial)
      Mac - Trust Mac (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: PC is in disguise (trenchcoat, shades, moustache, and hat) trying to avoid spyware, while Mac doesn't worry.
    • Mac - Counselor (commercial)
      Mac - Counselor (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac and PC talk to a counselor, and are asked to compliment each other, to which Mac obliges, but PC can't do without getting a dig in at the end.
    • Mac - Self Pity (commercial)
      Mac - Self Pity (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac is in a suit having just gotten back from a meeting, and PC panics thinking that Macs are going to usurp PCs presence in the workplace.
    • Mac - Better Results (commercial)
      Mac - Better Results (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac and PC compare home movies, and Mac brings out supermodel Gisele, while PC's home movie is a "work in progress" man in drag.
    • Mac - Gift Exchange (commercial)
      Mac - Gift Exchange (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Mac and PC exchange gifts for the holidays.
    • Mac - Meant For Work (commercial)
      Mac - Meant For Work (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: PC looks disheveled, and complains to Mac that his new owners are a family with kids, and want to do creative things that don't fit PC's style.
    • Mac - Sales Pitch (commercial)
      Mac - Sales Pitch (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: Feeling his marketshare is slipping, PC decides to promote PCs using some not-so-subtle sales techniques.
    • Mac - Goodwill (commercial)
      Mac - Goodwill (2006) ... Mac

      Summary: In this holiday ad, Mac and PC share a hug.
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