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IMDb: Beau Leon

Credits for: Beau Leon

  • Visual Effects
    • Lexus - Act Naturally (commercial)
      Lexus - Act Naturally (2010) ... Digital Colorist (from New Hat)

      Summary: People do everyday activities, which are compared to features in the Lexus RX.
    • Comcast HD - Party (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Party (2008) ... Colorist

      Summary: When a man speaks a Billy Idol song is heard.
    • Comcast HD - Kitchen (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Kitchen (2008) ... Colorist

      Summary: A woman sings when talking to a man in a large kitchen.
  • Editor
    • Comcast HD - Dinner (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Dinner (2008) ... Colorist

      Summary: A mother and son are dining out, talking about Comcast HD, and the mother lip syncs to a song.
  • Post Production
    • Tuna Council - Latin Lovers (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Latin Lovers (2011) ... Colorist

      Summary: Tuna is good for your heart and 27 Latin lovers agree.
    • Tuna Council - Bungee Jumpers (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Bungee Jumpers (2011) ... Colorist

      Summary: Tuna is good on the go and 25 bungee jumpers agree.
    • Tuna Council - Astronauts (commercial)
      Tuna Council - Astronauts (2011) ... Colorist

      Summary: Tuna is good for weight management and 35 astronauts in training agree.
    • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Trailer (commercial)
      Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Trailer (2010) ... Colorist

      Summary: Trailer for the tactical first person shooter game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
    • WildAid - Lang Lang (commercial)
      WildAid - Lang Lang (2010) ... Colorist

      Summary: Piano Master Lang Lang plays Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata as scenes are shown of wildlife devastated by climate change.
    • Honda Pilot - Impressive Space (commercial)
      Honda Pilot - Impressive Space (2010) ... Colorist

      Summary: The Honda Pilot drives through an airplane hangar.
    • Keep California Beautiful - Beach Party (commercial)
      Keep California Beautiful - Beach Party (2009) ... Colorist

      Summary: In a mock beach party musical number, people sing about trashing the beach.
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