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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Amy Wertheimer

  • Producer
    • AT&T - Birthday - Pure Imagination (commercial)
      AT&T - Birthday - Pure Imagination (2010) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: A guy's childhood drawings come alive in a city.
    • Mountain Dew - Master (commercial)
      Mountain Dew - Master (2009) ... Sr. Producer

      Summary: A man's elaborate training to hone his hand-slap game skills.
    • Diet Pepsi Max - Nod (commercial)
      Diet Pepsi Max - Nod (2008) ... Executive Agency Producer

      Summary: People all over start nodding off, but get some bounce in their beat after drinking Diet Pepsi Max.
    • GE - Ecomagination - Clouds (commercial)
      GE - Ecomagination - Clouds (c. 2008) ... Exec. Producer

      Summary: People move buckets of water up in the clouds.
    • AMP Energy - Walk Of No Shame (commercial)
      AMP Energy - Walk Of No Shame (2008) ... Executive Producer

      Summary: People wake up and sing a song about not being ashamed of their one night stands.
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