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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Nicolai Fuglsig

  • Director
    • Barclays - Fake (commercial)
      Barclays - Fake (2009) ... Director

      Summary: A man discovers the city he's in is a facade, representing how banks can be similarly fake.
    • Monster - Daybreak (commercial)
      Monster - Daybreak (2008)

      Summary: People try to battle the sun back on Monday morning.
    • Coca Cola - It's Mine (commercial)
      Coca Cola - It's Mine (2008)

      Summary: Parade balloon characters try to grab a giant balloon bottle of Coke.
    • Acura TL - Bullet (commercial)
      Acura TL - Bullet (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A bullet shooting through a bottle transitions into an Acura TL.
    • Acura TL - Fist (commercial)
      Acura TL - Fist (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A hand smashing through a board of wood transitions into an Acura TL.
    • Acura TL - Diver (commercial)
      Acura TL - Diver (2008) ... Director

      Summary: A diver transitions into an Acura TL.
    • JCPenney - Magic (commercial)
      JCPenney - Magic (2007)

      Summary: Ordinary people experience magical moments on the street.
    • Guinness - Tipping Point (commercial)
      Guinness - Tipping Point (2007)

      Summary: A villager tips over dominoes, which fall larger and larger objects, cascading into an elaborate chain reaction.
    • Cadillac - New Job (commercial)
      Cadillac - New Job (2006)

      Summary: A man changes jobs from a traditional workplace to something a bit more modern.
    • Sony - BRAVIA - Bouncy Balls (commercial)
      Sony - BRAVIA - Bouncy Balls (2005)

      Summary: Thousands of colorful bouncing balls swarm down a steep San Francisco street.
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